High School Student Spotlight

Showcasing Pennsylvania High School Students

When: September 23, 2024, 10:00 AM-1:00 PM (lunch provided)

Calling all Pennsylvania high school educators!

Are you looking for a platform to showcase the incredible ideas and solutions your students have developed to make a difference in their community? The High School Student Spotlight is their chance to shine, highlighting their creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills to a wide audience of entrepreneurs, innovators, industry professionals, and higher education institutions.

Join us for an amazing opportunity to elevate your students' projects and ideas to new heights. Whether they're passionate about environmental sustainability, social justice, technology, or any other issue, this showcase provides a platform for them to share their vision with the world.

Imagine the possibilities when your students connect with like-minded peers and mentors who can help turn their ideas into reality. This is their chance to be part of something truly special and make a lasting impact.

Don't let your students miss out on this incredible opportunity to be seen, heard, and celebrated for their creativity and ingenuity. Complete the interest form below to apply for your spot at the High School Student Spotlight!

Spotlight Details

  • One table to showcase a project or visual representation of ideas

  • Maximum of five students per presentation group

  • Conference registration not required for participation

Benefits to Students

  • Connect with like-minded peers and mentors

  • Explore future careers

  • Network with education, industry and community leaders

Permission and Chaperone Requirements

Attendance at the showcase should be treated as a school field trip, and the school’s standard process for parent/guardian permission to attend should be followed. Penn State will not be collecting permission from parents/guardians or communicating directly with parents/guardians or students but will coordinate with the teacher. Penn State will provide its media release to be included with the school’s field trip permission form, which will be part of the second communication step at the beginning of the school year.

Certain requirements must be met when schools visit a Penn State campus or program for provide the safest experience possible for minors. Field trips to Penn State programs require one adult chaperone for every ten participants ages 9 to 14 and one adult chaperone for every twelve participants ages 15 to 17. A minimum of 2 adult chaperones from the organization must be supervising each group of students at all times, and no 1:1 contact with minors is permitted. All chaperones must be provided by the school. Additionally, all chaperones must have the required clearances for working with children in Pennsylvania.

Full list of requirements


High School Student Spotlight Interest Form

By completing the form below, you are applying for one table to showcase a project or visual representation of ideas from a group of up to five of your students. Please note: conference registration is not required for participation in the showcase.

We'll prioritize projects that are associated with a track or that involve AI to solve problems but will assess projects or pitches that address impact/imagination regardless.